Couchbase configuration option for synch gateway


I need to do the following:
a) There is an iOS app which will use local bucket for data access.
b) There will be an admin backoffice app which will create master data (list of data records which will be used by the devices running the iOS app. (For the master data, I will need to create a bucket on the server. For example: “server-bucket”)
c) iOS app will push and pull changes made either by the ios apps or master data maintained by admin through the “sync-gateway bucket”.

So I have 2 options:

  1. Use the same bucket (synch-gateway bucket) for the tasks above (b and c) as the master of data.
  2. Create two separate buckets for the tasks above (b and c). For example: “synch-gateway bucket” and “server-bucket” So, The “synch-gateway bucket” will shadow changes to the main “server-bucket”?

Can you please tell me which option you would choose and why?

Thanks a bunch.

I would go with two buckets in this scenario. I had a similar situation and just wanted to be sure I didn’t sync anything I didn’t mean to. Of course a rock solid sync-gateway configuration will also prevent that.



Thanks for the advice.