Couchbase Community Writing Program

Want to earn $200 for every blog post we publish about how you’re using Couchbase or a feature you love and why! Then why not take part in our program, read our latest post by Couchbase Community Champion, Nic Raboy -

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@czajkowski What is your payment methods?
Can you payout with crypto currencies like BitCoin?

Hi, payment is via a bank transfer and this is the only payment option we’ve set up.

I’m interested to write articles, see my summery
I have * 239 days visited * 1d read time

As I’m from Iran, I think you cannot payout via bank transfer due to sanctions
Can you payout to Iran?

Hi this is outside of our control and as such we are not able to make payments to Iran.

Ok, no problem! …

What are your methods of paying?