Couchbase cluster - Geo resilience options

Hi all,
I have been dropped in the deep end of understanding Couchbase clusters and Sync gateways from an infrastructure point of view for a solution our dev guys have come up with .

We require geo resilience.
looking at Cross Data Center Replication (XDCR) we will need a cluster in each geo diverse site using XDCR (Intersite) replicating between sites.
There is a mention of using XDCR for intrasite replication - it does not say why you would use it for intrasite replication. Performance? security?
Can it be used where we have a 3 node cluster that has 2 nodes in a primary site and the 3rd in a remote DR site?



Hi @morgange,

XDCR is used to replicate between clusters not between nodes. You could use it to replicate between a cluster on your primary site and a cluster on your DR site. Intra-cluster replication is different than XDCR.