Couchbase-cli Documentation Inconsistencies


While working on an ansible script for deploying couchbase server, I discovered inconsistencies in the documentation of couchbase-cli (Enterprise Edition 5.1.0 build 5552 ).

Consider the following:

You run “./couchbase-cli cluster-init -h” on linux and receive

usage: couchbase-cli cluster-init [-c ] [-o ] [-d] [-s]
[–no-ssl-verify] [–cacert CACERT] [-h]
[–cluster-port ]
[–cluster-ramsize ]
[–cluster-index-ramsize ]
[–cluster-fts-ramsize ]
[–cluster-name ]
[–index-storage-setting ]
[–services <service_list>]

You run “./couchbase-cli cluster-init --h” on linux and receive

   couchbase-cli cluster-init [--cluster <url>] [--cluster-username <username>]
             [--cluster-password <password>] [--cluster-port <port>]
             [--cluster-ramsize <megabytes>] [--cluster-name <name>]
             [--cluster-index-ramsize <megabytes>] [--cluster-fts-ramsize <megabytes>]
             [--index-storage-setting <setting>] [--services <services>]

You’ll notice the absence of [–cacert CACERT] which can be confusing to the user (i.e myself) since he may not know whether cacert is in fact a valid argument to the binary. It may also be that the cli ignores the argument.

At any rate, it is counter intuitive that --h would display LESS information than the short form -h. Not sure if this is the proper place to give defect reports, but I consider it a defect, so consider it reported.

Thanks and have a nice day.