Cluster-init ERROR too many values to unpack

Hi there,

I’m trying to configure couchbase-server using the couchbase-cli. I am running the cluster-init command like so:

/opt/couchbase/bin/couchbase-cli cluster-init -c localhost:8091 \
   --cluster-username=Administrator \
   --cluster-password=password \
   --cluster-ramsize=256 \

iv’e also tried

/opt/couchbase/bin/couchbase-cli cluster-init -c \
   --cluster-init-username=Administrator \
   --cluster-init-password=password \
   --cluster-init-port=8091 \

but all I get in response is

ERROR: command: cluster-init: localhost:8091, too many values to unpack

I’ve googled the error and found nothing of any help. Any ideas?

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Having the exact same error, with the Couchbase Community Edition 4.0 on CentOS 7.1

I found that you must specific the --service=data,index,query option. Looks like there is not a default value for this or the error that the option is missing is not checked properly.