CouchBase CE via repo/git ~2.1GB sized?

My very first time installing CouchBase 3.0.4 and it seems the install source directory at /opt/couchbase is 2.1GB in size. Is it meant to be that large or can it be reduced at or after install time ?

I installed via these commands

yum -y install snappy snappy-devel v8 v8-devel erlang erlang-snappy
curl > /usr/bin/repo
chmod a+x /usr/bin/repo
cd /opt
mkdir couchbase
cd couchbase
repo init -u git:// -m released/3.0.4.xml
repo sync

It may actually be that large. There is some technical debt built up in the build processes. If the install is done and you’re not just running it out of that directory, then you should be able to clean things up. You may also want to look at git-gc to remove some of the history in those repositories. The repo forall command may be helpful here.

Also, note that if you’re building on your own, it’s a bit different than a Couchbase release. There is no 3.0.4, for instance. You’ve likely built from whatever the various component teams have put into the toplevel manifest.

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thanks @ingenthr

strange when i run the gui side it does say 3.0.4 ?

oh wait that says 3.0.0-49dev is that 3.0.4 or not ?