Couchbase bucket server's resources quotas

I’m investigating Couchbase Server’s strategy about resource sharing/segregation between buckets. My goal is to set up a cluster serving different apps (each app has its own bucket) and have a kind of “minimum guaranteed performance” for each app, i.e. if one app is saturating its own memory/cpu/storage limits other apps can still access their data with a reasonable performance.

While RAM quota in implicit in bucket’s definition, it’s not evident to me if I can limit other resources usage to limit performance interferences between buckets. I’ve some ideas/questions to work on:

  1. Bucket data is hosted in a directory named with buckets name under the node’s data directory, we could assign a quota to that dir or mount a dedicated disk to bucket’s data path, to avoid a “disk full” locking all buckets.
  2. We can set disk i/o priority to make an app more “performing” than others
  3. Can rack / zone awarness be used to “segregate” vBuckets on certain servers and would this ensure that the bucket uses resource only from that servers?
  4. Can containerization help in this direction?

Any help appreciated.