Cbbackupmgr backup failed

Hello, please help me figure out what the problem is, when performing a backup, I get the following error:

# /opt/couchbase/bin/cbbackupmgr backup -a /backups -r test -c couchbase:// -u Administrator -p ***

Backing up to '2022-10-21T12_04_32.769536439Z'
Transferring key value data for 'deploy-prod' at 1.89MB/s (about 0s remaining)                                                                                                                 1548 items / 3.04MB
[========================================================================================================================================================================================================] 100.00%
Error backing up cluster: EOF
Backed up bucket "deploy-prod" failed
Mutations backed up: 1548, Mutations failed to backup: 0
Deletions backed up: 0, Deletions failed to backup: 0
Skipped due to purge number or conflict resolution: Mutations: 0 Deletions: 0

The cbbackupmgr log in the archive directory ( -a /backups , so, in /backups/logs directory) should have more info. If your /backups is full (no space left, disk full), then, the backup log may not be complete, so should check for that.