Couchbase 7 collections and GSI

Hi All,
In couchbase 7 you have buckets,scopes and collections.

So now can we create primary key index per collection?Or primary index is still bucket wide?

Couchbase website says " Global secondary indexes need to be created for each collection.".

Does it mean GSI s are now only possible per collection but not bucket wide?

Please clarify GSI and Primary index in the context ofcollections and buckets?


Each collection needs it own indexes (i.e per collection). Queries also per collection , If need more than one collection you need to use JOIN or UNION queries.
In 7.0 if you just give bucket name it goes into default scope (_default), default collection (_default) bucket._default._default

consider collection is similar to RDBS table.

Web site says “Global secondary indexes need to be created for each collection”
Isn’t only primary index per collection is enough?Or does it mean still the primary index is bucket wide and GSIs needed to be created per collection in prodution?


@iisuru ,

All GSI indexes (secondary and primary). Primary index also called Global secondary index.

@vsr1 Does that mean no longer primary indexes exist in couchbase7?
CREATE PRIMARY INDEX no longer work?

@iisuru , It exist. If you need primary index, You need to create it for each collection.

Any operations DDL, DML,DCL on bucket will be done on bucket._default._default collection. (backward compatibility)
Any other collections you need to with collection path (buckect.scope.collection)

@vsr1 Thanks for clarification.