Couchbase 5.x upgrade considerations

Hello, we’re currently using Couchbase-community 5.1.1 in production today, and are looking for the best upgrade path.

Referring to I’ve come to the following conclusions:

Upgrading 5.1.1 community --> 5.5.5 community is NOT a supported path (in fact we tried this, and experienced index service corruption in our test area and the indexer. I assume this is to be expected, and not a problem with our build)

Upgrading 5.1.1 community --> 6.5.0 community is NOT supported.

It seems like the only valid upgrade path for us is to go to from 5.1.1 --> 6.0.3. (after being on 6.0.3 only THEN we can upgrade to 6.5.0)

This brings me to my questions:

  • Are the statements about the supported upgrade path accurate, and we are right to continue with upgrade to 6.0.3?
  • Are there any major upgrade considerations or migration steps needed to be taken to go from community 5.1.1 to community 6.0.3
  • Is there any reason for us not to build community-6.0.3 from source and upgrade to that, rather than using the prebuilt, already available 6.0.2 package?