Couchbase 4.5 Memcached PHP clear not functioning

We’re using a big PHP CMS that relies on memcache. In order to try and move us forward a little I was trying to use Couchbase (4.5) as a drop in HA replacement with replication capability.

This was working well until one of the developers told me about the fact that they regularly use a script to clear out the memcache cache as updates are done. We tested this script with Couchbase and it didn’t work. If I telnet in and run a flush_all it seems to respond as I’d expect, giving an OK, but then does not empty the cache.

Is Couchbase the wrong thing for this job?

The flush have to be enabled on the bucket by administrator. Once that done, you could flush the bucket using our SDK or using REST API:

curl -X POST -u [admin]:[password]

More information in the server documentation:

I should have said - the flush option is enabled.

Will the PHP script that empties the memcached cache not be able to carry out the same function without a rewrite? It’s a vendor supplied script so we’re probably stuck. If we change it, they’ll find an excuse to not support us!

Also you should use REST flush command instead of memached command.