Not able to flush bucket CB-4.0 CommEd

I’m not able to flush buckets in CB-4.0 CommEd

./couchbase-cli bucket-list -c localhost:8091 -u XXXXXXX -p XXXXXXXX contacts bucketType: membase authType: sasl saslPassword: contacts numReplicas: 0 ramQuota: 4294967296 ramUsed: 357508192 ./couchbase-cli bucket-flush -c localhost:8091 -u XXXXXXX -p XXXXX --bucket=contacts --enable-flush=1 --force Database data will be purged from disk ... ERROR: unable to bucket-flush; please check if the bucket exists or not; (500) Internal Server Error ["Unexpected server error, request logged."] df -h / Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/xvda1 99G 95G 0 100% /

My / disk is Full is this the cause for this. I’m not able to purge/flush data from buckets.