Couchbase 2.5.1 crash report

Here is log and erlang crash report:

Crash happened during i have collection re-indexing (in the middle of the process). Collection have about 10M records with 6 simple views.

segfault doesn’t produce erlang crash dump. Erlang crash dump is produced if there’s some higher-level error within erlang VM itself.

Segfault might produce core dump. And I suggest you to take a look for it.

Also given things were crashing for you already, just in case, please, consider testing your box’s memory.

This crash report indicates that something happened while trying to start server. Which doesn’t match your description. Are you sure there’s only one crash dump? Are you on windows by any chance ?

I’m on Ubuntu 12.04.

I did not do anything special, just leaved it running for some time, generating index, thats all. Kernel log says that it was segfault.

Actually we have to migrate from Community 2.2 to Enterprise free 2.5.1, because it keep crashing on 2.2 all the time, but on 2.2 it was moxi process (crashing). I see such erlang crash first time.

For sure not memory. We using EC2 and i re-created cluster from scratch 3 times.


So have you been able to locate core dump file ? In order to investigate that erlang segmantation fault there’s no other way than inspecting core dump

sorry, but i can’t find it :frowning:

This is likely because ubuntu pipes all core dumps into special program that takes care of all crashes.

In order to have working core dumps you might have to disable it. Or maybe there’s a way to get something useful out of that program. I’m not familiar with it yet.