startKey and endKey with get many


I know that this question has been asked at least once, but I think there was no answer.

In the admin UI, there is 'Documents Filter 'and you can set startKey and endKey.

is there a plan to expose this api to SDK in the future?

It should be there in all official SDKs. Which one are you using?

I’m using both php and node.

I may have confused you.

I’m trying to use startKey and endKey without n1ql or a view.

The startKey and endKey in the UI is based on a special internal view. It’s intentionally not used for anything other than development time uses, like from the console. You’d not get the kind of performance you’d expect if this were exposed through the SDK.

I’d recommend creating either a N1QL primary index or a view over the keys if you need a range query from the SDK.

Thank you @ingenthr. Looks like I need to create an index with n1ql.