Connection pool to connect to multiple buckets


I am new to couchbase and We are in process of evaluating couchbase.

I have few questions. Appreciate response.

  1. How can I maintain multiple connections at a time?
    My use case is , I have multiple virtual buckets and I need to connect to corresponding bucket based upon the input request to specific resource model.
    Is it possible to set a connection pool with couchbase, If yes, how can we tune the connection pool ?

  2. Is there any API which I can use identify the view mapped with a specific field?
    For an example, I have fields - name, ssn, phonenumber, email etc . for a person resource,
    and my application makes a query for persons with a or set of phone numbers. For that I need to pre-define a view named “ByFieldPhone” with emit(doc.phonenumber, doc) which index on phone number.

My question is, how application knew about existing view map on specific field/column? currently I am passing that in query params, but if admin changes view name, my application code also should get changed. is there any way that user can list the available view defined on specific field?