Spring-data-couchbase-4.0.0 connecting to multiple buckets

I am trying to update to latest spring-data-couchbase-4.0.0.RELEASE.jar with spring bo0t2.3.
Also I am connecting to multiple buckets.I manged to connect to multiple buckets using springboot2.2 with springdata-couchbase-3.2 jar as follow.

public class CouchbaseEnvironmentConfiguerer implements CouchbaseConfigurer { //define your cluster and bucket here

public class CouchbaseBucketConfig extends AbstractCouchbaseDataConfiguration {
private CouchbaseEnvironmentConfiguerer environmentConfigurer;
//configure templates etc

It seems AbstractCouchbaseDataConfiguration class and CouchbaseConfigurer interface is removed from spring-data-couchbase-4.0.0.RELEASE.jar .

How to connect to multiple buckets with spring-data-couchbase-4.0.0.RELEASE.jar .


In couchbase-client-4 How can we map entities to multiple templates?
It seems available public RepositoryOperationsMapping couchbaseRepositoryOperationsMapping(CouchbaseTemplate couchbaseTemplate)

method accepts only default couchbase template as argument?


public RepositoryOperationsMapping couchbaseRepositoryOperationsMapping(CouchbaseTemplate couchbaseTemplate) {
// create a base mapping that associates all repositories to the default template
RepositoryOperationsMapping baseMapping = new RepositoryOperationsMapping(couchbaseTemplate);
// let the user tune it
return baseMapping;

@iisuru sorry for the delay, looks like there is this ticket that takes care of the scenario you have questions around

Thanks.Also it seems collections support in spring -data -couchbase is yet to be implemented?

@iisuru you are right on the Collections, its yet to be implemented. Collections is a feature of 7.0 which is due to release sometime next year and currently its only available as a developer preview.

Thanks Varun for the information.