Connecting to trial cluster via Ruby code

A Capella trial user is trying to connect to a cluster via Ruby. He added his IP address to the Managed IP access and created a login. He is using the Ruby gem here: GitHub - couchbase/couchbase-ruby-client: Couchbase Ruby Client Library (Official) and followed the instructions exactly as described in the README.

According to the Cluster “Connect” page, the Wide Area Network subdomain is "”. However, when trying to connect via the Ruby gem, an error is encountered:

cluster = Cluster.connect('couchbase://', ‘***', ‘***')
[2022-04-01 11:30:51.430] [49802,2715736] [warning] 101766ms, DNS SRV query returned 0 records for "[](", assuming that cluster is listening this address
[2022-04-01 11:30:51.432] [49802,2715736] [error] 1ms, [6cc8ea90-3a22-4afa-3160-c061b49ef611/75ef3820-190b-4946-5b01-b871615f5b23/plain/-] <[](> error on resolve: 1 (Host not found (authoritative))
[2022-04-01 11:30:51.935] [49802,2715736] [error] 502ms, [6cc8ea90-3a22-4afa-3160-c061b49ef611/75ef3820-190b-4946-5b01-b871615f5b23/plain/-] <[](> error on resolve: 1 (Host not found (authoritative))
[2022-04-01 11:30:52.436] [49802,2715736] [error] 501ms, [6cc8ea90-3a22-4afa-3160-c061b49ef611/75ef3820-190b-4946-5b01-b871615f5b23/plain/-] <[](> error on resolve: 1 (Host not found (authoritative))

The trial user also followed the Troubleshooting instructions here: Troubleshooting Cloud Connections During Development | Couchbase Docs and verified that the local DNS server is returning a valid DNS SVR response for "”.

Any ideas on how to resolve the issue? Thank you!

Hi Kervi, in the connection string, it should be “couchbases” So, can you please try with

cluster = Cluster.connect(‘couchbases://’, ‘’, ‘’)

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Hi @Payal - That resolved the issue, thanks for the help!