Confusing with define of geo location

Hi i need to find places with cordinators, how can i do it in a simple way?

N1QL works on the data you have. This is more like map functionality. You can check google geocoding API.
In CB 5.0.0 we have CURL function that can access external source of Json data in the N1QL
You can check this out

I read all document according the link you gave me, but none speak on finding places around specific location.

For instance:
I need to find the most closest places around 1 km according to specific location(latitude and longitude).

Check this out

This is very complex in compare to other nosql like “mongo”,
You made amazing platform, it will be nice if also the geographic location will be simple as other things in the platform.

I also did not understand few things in the query:

  1. The line: loc = GeoLocation.from_degrees(lat, lon) will also work in nodejs?
  2. Is there other option except than bounding box?

There may be option in views @siri .

@siri any response from your side?

There’s discussion to add global geospatial indexes, @venkatb4u.

For the moment, the best option would be to try out the above method:

There may be additions planned to ease this, @keshav_m please comment.


For directly using GSI and N1QL, this approach in the article is what we know and works.
In Couchbase 5.0, they’ve added a geohash support to find the nearest neighbors easily.
@steve, @tyler.mitchell, please comment.