Code 200 meaning in Query Editor

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I didn’t find anything about that in the documentation.
When I run a query from the Couchbase server UI that is returning millions of results, I have a code 200 and “No data returned from server” output.
If I look to the Query Monitor, I see the query as completed and the number of items returned is correct.

Is this an expected behaviour? Has something to do with the large output that can’t be shown in the UI?

I googled couchbase "No data returned from server" - Google Search

And the post in the first link indicates that the query times out.
I was able to reproduce the issue with a bucket containing 8 documents and this query which produces 2097152 rows. It returns the message after 30 seconds regardless of the query timeout setting. You may wish to limit the output with “limit”, or maybe just count the rows with “count”

select * from (select b1.*, b2.*, b3.*, b4.* from my_bucket b1, my_bucket b2, my_bucket b3, my_bucket b4) c1, (select b1.*, b2.*, b3.* from my_bucket b1, my_bucket b2, my_bucket b3) c2

I experienced that too. The question is: is a UI timeout?
Because when I go to the Log Monitor the query is in the completed status with the right number of items.

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Yes. A UI timeout. Apparently the query eventually runs to completion on the server according to your observations.

As you doing cartesian join. The results might be huge and not able to complete.

It is UI timeout.
I have noticed that when UI timeout hit it shows 200 orange color and immediately displa {"status:“no data from the server”}

To verify watch around timeout reaching.
Try cbq shell or curl which streams results, you should see immediately some results vs UI.