Checking docs from backup

I’m starting to notice that docs are starting to disappear from the DB so I want to restore them from the backups, but before I restore, I want to examine the backup-ed data.

So, is there a way to dump one key from the backup to check its value before restoring it.
I searched for a flag here but didn’t find.

Thanks, Itay


I follow this just to find that some docs are missing from the backup while others appear twice (with different cas and seqno).
Is it OK and is there a better and easier way to examine the data by key ?

You can use cbtransfer 1 to convert from the backup format to say a CSV file, or even stdout.

You should be able to do something similar to the following to print all records matching the specified key to stdout:

cbtransfer --key=<key_regex> /path/to/backup stdout: 

Note: I haven’t tested this.

I tried this:

./cbtransfer --key=[mykey] C:\cbdb\backups\2015-08-31T030000Z stdout:

but got:

error: unknown type of source: C:\cbdb\backups\2015-08-31T030000Z

what should be the source ?