Changes: Connection lost from client

Getting the below error “Connection lost from client”

10:08:54.176550 2016-05-30T10:08:54.176+05:30 Changes: MultiChangesFeed done (to 91912345679)
10:08:54.176619 2016-05-30T10:08:54.176+05:30 Changes+: Waiting for “pttdata”'s count to pass 1448
10:08:54.253188 2016-05-30T10:08:54.253+05:30 Changes: Connection lost from client: (as 91912345678)
10:08:54.253240 2016-05-30T10:08:54.253+05:30 HTTP+: #120318: --> 200 OK (0.0 ms)
10:08:54.253265 2016-05-30T10:08:54.253+05:30 Changes+: Notifying to check for _changes feed termination
10:08:54.253429 2016-05-30T10:08:54.253+05:30 Changes: MultiChangesFeed done (to 91912345678)
10:08:54.282559 2016-05-30T10:08:54.282+05:30 Changes: Connection lost from client: (as 91912345678)
10:08:54.282617 2016-05-30T10:08:54.282+05:30 HTTP+: #120315: --> 200 OK (0.0 ms)

What can be the reason for the above??

Um, the TCP connection to the client was lost, as it says. Can happen if the client app quits, or if a gateway in between decides the socket is idle and closes it. Is it causing a problem for you?

Yes…the data is not getting synced to the mobile client and in sync gateway this error is seen and it is a problem…

“if a gateway in between decides the socket is idle and closes it.” >> Are you referring to syncgateway deciding that the socket is idle and closing or gateway in network closing the connection??..

@sgracelin This isn’t an error in the Sync Gateway logs - it’s strictly informational logging that Sync Gateway has lost connection with the client. As Jens explained, this is most commonly the client closing the connection, but could also be a dropped network connection somewhere between the client and Sync Gateway.

This shouldn’t cause any problems in data replication, though - the client will resume replication where it left off when the connection is restored.

No, I’m referring to some intermediate HTTP proxy. AWS load balancers are well known for this.

If docs aren’t replicating to the client you should be looking on the client for errors.