Device stuck with MultiChangesFeed waiting

Sync Gateway v3.0.3

Devices are correctly connected to SG, but they do not receive any updates.
Only when the device need to push a new revision then it reconnects to SG and the replica starts again, receiving the revisions. After a couple of minutes, the device goes again into an idle status where it does not receive any update.
When the device is correctly connected to SG but it doesn’t receive updates, SG is logging this:

Changes+: MultiChangesFeed waiting...

Anyone with a similar issue? Any help?

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Hey @losapevo, thanks for posting on the forums!

That behaviour seems pretty similar to a bug filed on our issue tracker yesterday ( - was that by any chance filed by you or someone from your organisation? If so, let’s keep the discussion there, to avoid confusion. Thanks!

@marks.polakovs Yes, sorry, the issue was opened by my collegue. We can keep the discussion there and eventually just post the solution here (if any) for the other users.