Change data and index paths of a couchbase nodes in cluster

I have setup 4 node couchbase cluster . On the first node I have specified non default locations for data and index paths. After that I used wenconsole to add nodes and successfully added remaing 3nodes but later I found that data and index paths location were different on 2,3 and 4 nodes compare to first node . How can I change default locations for data and index paths on 2,3,4 nodes to first node data and index locations. This setup has been done on RHEL 6 and couchbase server version is 5.1. please suggest me on this issue asap.

Venkatarao beru

@venkatarao.beru, the configured data/index paths from the first node automatically propagate to the newly added nodes. Did you configure the first node paths using the UI or cli?

Thank you Salooja for your update. For first node, i specified non default locations for DATA and INDEXES by using webconsole but after adding 2, 3 and 4 nodes it was taking default path i.e., /opt/coucbase/var/lib/data… on RHEL 6.

Venkat Beru

This is incorrect, the Data and Index paths are not propagated . The settings are per node and have to be set when the node is added to the cluster.

There is a known issue (MB-17660) if the node is added from the cluster UI itself then there is no option to set the paths and defaults are used.

The work around is to use the UI on the node that is about to be added where the paths can be set.

The paths can’t be changed once the node is a part of the cluster. The node has to be removed and when adding it back the path has to be set.

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Thank you pvarley. I will test the solution as you suggested.

Thanks @pvarley for the useful information.

I have created soflinks for data and index paths and used same soflinks while adding a node to the existing cluster but that soft link locations are not considering but takes actual locations. Could you please let me know on this issue!

Venkat Beru