[cbtranfer] Unable to dump items from all nodes to CSV


We are trying to use cbtransfer to dump all items from one bucket to a CSV file, but it seams the cbtransfer tool (tested with v2.1.1 CE) only dumps items belonging to the couchbase cluster node we specify for source;

/opt/couchbase/bin/cbtransfer http://couch1:8091 csv:/tmp/bucket_name.csv -b bucket_name -u login -p password

This couchbase cluster has 3 nodes
The total number of item for this bucket is ~500K items
The bucket_name.csv only list 194K items
~194K is the number of item we can see for each node thrue the GUI:8091

Is this the desired behaviour ?
How can we dump items from all nodes (in a single action to ensure some consistency) ?
What is the purpose of “–single-node” when using cbtransfer to output CSV ?



I have the same behavior, and will look in the code and see what is expected behavior to be sure we clarify the documentation

Hello Tug,

Did you have time to check the code and confirm the correct behavior ?


The tool work on a single node so you have to do that on each node.

However I have logged a enhancement request to capture this and allow an full export: