CBL Cordova Plugin Ionic Android CRUD

Hello Couchbases.
My name is Amer and I just started to learn about CBL for around 4 days. My next android apps required me to use the CBL and CBL sync gateway in the app. I followed the hotel-lister example and it was amazing tutorial I would say.

But my problem is, when not using the pre-build CBL database. I want to create my own document and collection. Which part of the hotel-lister tutorial should I update ? And if I want to perform CRUD operation, which file should I update ?

Is there any documentation that can help me regarding this ? or maybe someone created a project before. Mind to share the github repo with me ?

Much thanks.

Follow the steps in this section to define and implement a new bridging method for creating documents and saving them. The implementation of the method should follow the relevant steps for iOS and Android respectively

Thank you for the response Priya.
I’ll try and let you know the outcome.

Hello Priya.

I try to create a new document and collection but still with no success. Do i need to create a cordova plugin to integrate it with my Ionic apps ?

Yes, you need a Cordova plugin for Couchbase Lite to use with Ionic apps. The tutorial discusses the steps to create the plugin with support for few functions. What I explained in earlier post is how you extend that plugin (you have to re-build that plugin after making the changes)

Hi Priya.

I follow all the step and i extend the plugin to be able to create and read the new document and its failed.
Basically, the goal for my app for now is able to create a new User document and insert a collection into the document. After that, able to retrieve information about the the new User that I just created.
Can you please take a look at my repository and tell me which part do i need to improve to order to make the app working.

Cordova Plugin
Ionic App

Looks fine to me, however, I might have missed something

Hey @ameruddinjamil,
Are you making progress?
I hope it is obvious that, unless you have a contract with us, there is no way that we have time to review your code.
If you have a specific error we might be able to point you in the right direction.