CB Lite .net 2.0: local DB encryption with SQLCipher?

I am familiar with the DB encryption using SQLCipher underneath Couchbase Lite .net 1.4.
But how about the upcoming CB Lite 2.0 ?
Is SQLCipher also the data-at-rest solution in 2.0 ?

SQLCipher is expensive, and I’m planning my project costs, so I’d like to know your plans for 2.0.

We still plan to use SQLCipher, but we might build it slightly differently. How did you determine that SQLCipher is expensive (you mean computationally right, because SQLCipher doesn’t cost money)? It boasts 5-15% overhead.
Do you know of a faster solution that shares a common API with sqlite?

No, I meant $$$: https://www.zetetic.net/sqlcipher/commercial-edition-ordering/
Looks like $1900 for a developer who targets Android, iOS and Windows.

That’s for the commercial edition. We use the open source edition (BSD licensed):

Great. I’m glad I checked with you before buying anything. Thanks.