Using DB encryption with CB 2.0 DB016

I saw in the release notes for Couchbase Lite developer build 16 that encryption is supported. I could not find documentation on how to use it. (I think the docs from 1.4 do not apply to 2.0 )

On my UWP .net target I got encryption working simply by setting EncryptionKey
var couchbaseDbConfig = new DatabaseConfiguration
Directory = dbPath,
EncryptionKey = EncryptionKeyFactory.Create(),
mDB = new Couchbase.Lite.Database(“DbName”, couchbaseDbConfig);

However on my Android target (using Xamarin) it doesn’t work, I get System.NotImplementedException with “Encryption is not yet supported”.

Is it really not yet implemented on Android ? Or am I doing something wrong ?
How about iOS, can I use SQLCipher there ?

That message should have been fully gone but remained in a certain path for all variants (I forget which at the moment but all else being equal it should work identically for all platforms). DB017 will have that path fixed and for now just make sure you don’t have an already existing database or anything.

I can wait for DB017.
I don’t have to add additional Nuget packages for encryption to work, right ?

Not with 2.0. Encryption will be built into the core library.