CB 4.0rc , AWS and .Net 4.5 Upserts not working

So I’ve previously had trouble accessing the console, and then connecting to the couchbase bucket through the .net SDK. I’ve figured most of that;

Turns out our office firewall was blocking access to it (we had to allow outgoing requests to port 8091);

Additionally, the AWS private IP had to be mapped to the public IP in the host file
AND the couchbase host name in the console setup had to be set to the AWS public DNS

Now however, when I run our project (that connects to couchbase etc…) and try to have it upsert documents into couchbase, nothing happens. The code does the upsert without throwing any errors, but no documents are added/modified in couchbase. This is code that was created using the 4.0 beta originally (the bucket is now 4.0rc).

Could that be the problem?
Or is it a port that needs to be open (outgoing) for the .net SDK?

Port 8091 is just one of the ports that must be open for Couchbase to function. You can see a list of all ports and what they’re used for here:


In particular, you’ll need the “Node To Client” ports opened. However, you’ll also want to make sure Node To Node is opened between the nodes in your cluster.

All ports are open through AWS (we’re just testing) - I’m accessing couchbase through a project run locally, which is why I was wondering if an outgoing request for the upsert was being blocked by our firewall. (Like the 8091 was to simply access the console over the web)

So I guess the question specifically is which ports does the .Net SDK use. I’m guessing it’s one (or some) of the Node to Client ones. Reading your link, I’m assuming it should be 8092 and 18092?


18091 and 18092 are only needed if you are using SSL. So ports I would open are: