Can't set PushReplication to continuous

I’m initially setting the push replication as follows:

final URL url = new URL("http://localhost:4984/spark/");

// Create Pull
mPullReplication = mDatabase.createPullReplication(url);
mPullReplication.addChangeListener(new Replication.ChangeListener() {
        public void changed(Replication.ChangeEvent changeEvent) {
                    Throwable err = null;
        if ((err = changeEvent.getError()) != null) {
                        Log.e(TAG, "Error!");
        } else {
            Log.e(TAG, "Help: " + changeEvent.toString());
            Log.e(TAG, "Changes count: " + mPullReplication.getChangesCount());

Trouble is right after I run this code I get this in the log:

PullerInternal finished
ChangeTracker- calls detach''

If I wait I receive this error:

Exception in change tracker

Any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong?

@jamiltz can you help?

Hi @Epwna,

I’m not sure why you would get this error.
Is this only happening when setting continuous to true?
Does it sync correctly otherwise?


I can’t replicate the error. I think I may have done something silly like modify the sync gateway’s bucket through the admin ui and that corrupted the meta data. Thanks for the replies guys.