Can't run Couchbase 4.6 community after installing Enterprise 5.0

I’m running macOS Sierra.

I had the 4.6 community edition that was running fine till I decided to try the 5.0 enterprise edition. Now even after I remove all Couchbase applications from my Applications folder and add the 4.6 community edition back, it doesn’t work.

More specifically, I see the Couchbase icon on the panel at the top and it looks like it’s running but http://localhost:8091/ doesn’t load up a thing and chrome says ‘This site can’t be reached’

Thanks for trying our Couchbase Server 5.0.0 Enterprise Edition.
Here are the steps to uninstall Couchbase Server on OS X

  1. Click on “Quit Couchbase” on Couchbase icon on the top panel to stop Couchbase Server.
  2. Remove all directories and files in 2 locations:
    a. rm -rf /Users/<your_user>/Library/Application Support/Couchbase
    b. rm -rf /Applications/Couchbase

Now you could install any Couchbase Server version you want

If you still get issues of install/uninstall Couchbase Server, let me know.

Just curious how did you get Community Edition 4.6? I don’t see any releases for that edition/version. The reason I ask is I’d be fine using that myself rather than trying the perhaps more risky 5.0