Can't restore fts alias using cbbackupmgr

After a bucket backup using cbbackupmgr (using version 6.5.1 and 6.0.3) . Fts ALIASES are not restored.
Here I post a command to restore FTS index definition an FTS aliases, but I never manage to restore FULL TEXT ALIASES, is it a bug or is there an specific command to restore FULL TEXT ALIASES?

Sample command to restore FTS and aliases:

cbbackupmgr restore -a /opt/couchbase/var/backups -r 2020_09_07 -c couchbase:// -u admin -p 111111 --disable-gsi-indexes --disable-data

FTS index definitions are restored, but no alias is restored

Hi @gunter
Are you trying to restore, backup taken in 6.0.3 to 6.5.1 cluster? if so, there was a bug in 6.0.3 where fts index aliases were not backing up. This is fixed in 6.5.*.
As a workaround, you need to create those fts index aliases manually after restoring.

@gunter here is the bug for your reference

ok, many thanks.
Yes I also tested a backup done in version 6.5.1 and aliases were not restored.
I 'll check if in 6.6 problem is solved after we upgrade our clusters.