Can't connect to wss sync gateway url from CouchbaseLite 2.0

We have setup a new TLS enabled dev server for development. But when we try to connect to the sync gateway from CBLite 2.0 by using wss://url , we get the below errors and unable to connect. Please guide on how we can resolve this issue.

WARNING: Cookie Domain isn't legal

[Sync] WARNING: {DBWorker#1}==> class litecore::repl::DBWorker ->

[Sync] WARNING: {DBWorker#1} Unable to set cookie `incap_ses_810_1380201=TBwWJ+uUrxRFsvEwHrM9LhdvD==; path=/;`: Invalid cookie (1/9)

WARNING: {C4SocketImpl#2}==> class litecore::websocket::C4SocketImpl

WARNING: {C4SocketImpl#2} Unexpected or unclean socket disconnect! (reason=WebSocket status, code=400)

Failed to determine the https port for redirect.

Looks like our cookie parser doesn’t like a domain starting with “.”. That’s probably a bug; could you file a bug report? You should be able to work around it by removing that “.” in the domain name in the Set-Cookie header sent by the server.