Can't access AWS Web Console

I followed the guide to setup the Couchbase Server and Couchbase Sync Gateway found here.

Upon starting up the instance, I am able to access the Web Console for a few minutes before I can’t get anything to load and it all times out; upon this event, if I refresh the page, I am completely unable to get back to the web console.

I’m pretty sure the security groups are correct, as they were setup by default when I chose this software for the EC2.

Currently, my instance is using an m3.medium tier. I already tried switching to an m3.large, but that didn’t work any better.

I would appreciate any and all help. I thought this was supposed to be the easiest part of setting up the backend. :open_mouth:

Hey nxt3.

Sorry to hear you’re having problems.
For starters, are you talking about the sync gateway web console or the Couchbase Server one?
What were you doing at the time when the web console began to time out? What is the error that you see upon refreshing the page?

Secondly, if talking about Couchbase Server specifically it would be good to identify whether or not the problem is just with the UI or with Couchbase Server itself.
To do that would it be possible for you to recreate the scenario (inability to access the web console) and try to run the following command:
curl http://[host]:8091/pools/default -u [Admin]:[pass], replacing the relevant parameters with the appropriate values.
If the server is up and running fine you should see a json response providing some details about the cluster.
If not then could you also please verify that the box is still reachable by pinging or sshing into the machine (or something similar).
Please let me know if this succeeds (or not) during the period that you are unable to access the console, hopefully that (along with the answers to my previous questions) should provide some insight into where to investigate next!

I couldn’t tell you. I’m not experienced when it comes to backend stuff. I literally followed the guide posted on Couchbase’s site verbatim.

The error I get upon refreshing is that the page can’t be reached. The response took too long.

The curl command returned nothing; the operation timed out. I also can’t ssh into it.

Okay, so if you can’t ssh in that sounds like a system-level problem with your AWS instance, user space applications should not cause your system to become unresponsive… does it ever recover or is it stuck in this state until you terminate the instance?

Hi All,
I am newbie to couchbase and faced similar issue .

I had created EC2 Linux 2 instance and installed couchbase server.

When i am trying to access admin web console using EC2 Public DNS and 8091 port , for some reason i couldn’t access via any browser.

I am able to accesss EC2 instance via putty in my laptop.