Can syncgateway be scheduled to run at certain frequency

We are using community edition couchbase server 6.6 and syncgateway 2.8.0. Can I schedule it to run at certain frequency meaning to sync data after every 30 minutes. If yes how it can be done. Also, if I am syncing data from CB server to CBlite and from one CBserver to other CB server can I seperate both of them like one can update the data continuously and one can run at scheduled time.

Sync Gateway does not do any active action on its on in this regard. Putting aside the concept of continuous replication, it simply passively reacts to input that it gets from either devices (Couchbase Lite) or servers (DCP). It’s not going out to contact devices to sync from itself, rather the devices are asking for it. So I believe you are looking at this backwards. If you want devices to only sync every 30 minutes, then set up your device’s app to run a non-continuous replication based on those parameters.

As far as “server to server” if you mean within a cluster then no you cannot control it in this way, but between clusters you will be using XDCR, and I imagine similar facilities exist to control when the data is replicated. However this is the mobile category so most of the people answering will not have expertise in that area.