Can one change the order of fields in json response

Is there a way in N1QL to specify the output order of fields in a query ? It does not owner like SQL the order based on the select but is Alpha Numeric Order based on field name by default. As i am trying to export some data in a spread sheet it becomes more helpful if data is in the correct order vs the alpha numeric order.

The order of fields in JOSN object doesn’t matter. N1QL try to display in alphabetic order so that it can be easily spot in the object when bigger objects.

At present only option you have is Alias fields such that ascii numeric order.

I agree the order normally don’t matter but most excel tools use the order in JSON doc to order the Columns which might and in my case is not ideal. The Alias is not an option either as it will change the heading of my column. So i guess i have to look if there is a way to reorder the json before actually returning it to the export code

You can prefix column number


{"fname":"xyz", "lname":"abc"} 
{"02:fname":"xyz", "01:lname":"abc"}

Yes that will change the output order as desired but that leaves me with the prefix in my header.
That means i still have to go and find a way in my angular to either strip prefix or do a reorder