Can CouchDB server replicate with CouchBase Server via Sync Gateway?

I know from this site that Couchbase Lite can replicate or sync with Couchbase Server via Couchbase Sync Gateway.

I’ve also read that CouchBase Lite can replicate with CouchDB server.

I know from that CouchDB server and Couchbase Server synchronization is not supported. I understand that some of the user account and database management of view are probably incompatible, but can CouchDB server and Couchbase server exchange DATA (keys & values) through Couchbase Sync Gateway?

I’m considering an app with Couchbase Lite on iPhone & iPad and CouchDB on MacBooks and with Couchbase Server on AWS.

It’s not a supported configuration, but I’ve tested it in the past and I believe it still works. (You might check the Github issues for the Sync Gateway to see if there are open issues with CouchDB compatibility.)

BTW, you mentioned using CouchDB on MacBooks — I would recommend using Couchbase Lite instead. It runs fine on Mac OS, although we don’t ship an official build so you’ll have to compile it yourself. It’s easier to install than CouchDB since it’s just a framework embedded in your app, it’s a lot smaller, and it will give you closer compatibility with your iOS app.