C SDK: differentiating between MISSING and JSON null values in query result

Is there a C API for accessing C4QueryEnumerator.missingColumns or some mechanism for differentiating a MISSING value from JSON null in a query result in the CBL C SDK? I discovered CBLResultSet_ResultDict() contains the keys for JSON null values, where MISSING value keys are not present in the dictionary. Is this the best way to get this missing column info?

There is no missingColumns API in CBL. Currently you can use CBLResultSet_ValueAtIndex() or CBLResultSet_ValueForKey() to check if the value is MISSING or not. When the value is missing the returned FLValue will be a NULL pointer.

Ah, yes, I forgot I had abstracted away the FLValue of type kFLNull as null itself. So this does work to differentiate between JSON null and missing. I’m needing this to implement Result.contains() properly to return true for JSON null, but not missing values. Thanks.