Requests for build '2.0.0-DB022' - Android

Hi there. I would like to ask from some features in the up comming build.
(a) - ResultSet class functions should be public. Why? Because we implemt contentProvider desing pattern in android and we would like to translate ResultSet to Cursor, and the only effective way to do it is by accesing it’s functions.
(b) - Expression.isNullorMissing - We wish to have to have two separated expression: isNull, isMissing.
Those are not the same and the difference is very important to us.

Thank you for your feedback. We have frozen the requirements for CBL 2.0 which will be going GA shortly. So unless it is a blocker , we will not be introducing changes to 2.0 at this stage.

(a) Not entirely sure why you can’t just get all the rows using Query enumerator and expose it via a cursor API. You could use the allResults() method on the ResultSet to get List<Result>? ( @hideki : any comments )
(b) This is already being tracked for a future release.

Regarding b - thanks.
Regarding (a) can you elaborate? Example? @hideki knows my sample app, maybe you will be able to create a gist to show me how to implement your suggestion.

How can I make this work?

Well?? Anything new?