C# Get list with a startkey


I try to get a list of data with a startkey, i create items with a nested key.
For Examlpe:

key: email::list1::item1
key: email::list1::item2

Now i want select all items of “email::list1” if it possible without any view?

My current solution is
client.GetView(“all”, “email”).StartKey(“email::list1”);

http://de.slideshare.net/Couchbase/couchbase-103-data-modeling?related=3 (Page 24) only bad keys need views?


There are some options but the best bet is always to know the key completely if possible.

Possible options:
Use a Document with references to all you keys if they cannot be calculated.
“email:#list1:keys” -> { “items:” [“item1”,“item2”, …] }
See: Best Practice: View-Lookup vs Key-List in Document

If you know the start of the key “key:email::list1:” you could iterate trough all the names until you run out of names assuming your items have a naming order.
“if CB.exists?(key) CB.get(key)”

Another method would be to have a Number-Value for each list containing the size of the List.
“email:#list1:counter” -> 45
With that information you can iterate from the front or from the back of the list or even directly access keys in the middle knowing they exist.


On my project i have very big lists. It possible one list have more as 1 million items. I think the way with one document with all other keys inside is not practicable. A other requirement is filtering the data. For this use case not a lot of examples are available.

If a list of a single user/email can contain millions of items you need to give a better specification as this is a special use-case. The current information do not allow a qualified answer - only guessing.

No we have multiple groups and this groups can contain 1-2 million email addresses. It is a prototype for a email marketing software.

An other way is to get the list of keys by a view to delete it after. I did it on a projet. I work fine.