Bulk upsert using .net SDK in Couchbase

Read some online articles that mention bulk upsert wont be supported in .NET sdk 3.0 onwards but there is support of doing bulk upsert in version 2.7.
What is the best approach to perform bulk upsert in couchbase?. Why was it removed in later versions? Is it advisable to perform bulk upsert

Hi @krishnaa ,

This is a topic that has come up on the forum multiple times. I recommend checking out:



You can do bulk operations, but there is currently not great built in support. If you only need to do a handful of operations, you may simply fire them all off and then await Task.WhenAll(...), though it has some exception handling complexities.

I am, however, working on an extension library that adds more robust parallel multi-op support with things like bulkhead isolation and error handling built in. I’d love any feedback you may have on it.