Bulk Upsert in Couchbase .NET SDK 3.0.5

Hi everyone!
We migrated our application from using Couchbase .NET SDK 2.7.15 to .NET SDK 3.0.5. Previously, we were using IBucket.UpsertAsync method that allowed us to push multiple documents at a time. Now - there’s no such an ability. We have to do this one by one in a loop. This tremendously decreases the speed of pushing the data as well as gives a really hard time processing the data for Couchbase. Is there a workaround or a Bulk Upsert method in the new SDK?

Hi @Gleb_Dmitriev,

I’m glad to hear that you have chosen to upgrade! I think your question was answered already here: Dose couchbase C# client 3.x support bulk upsert