Bucket, user, group defined via yaml not showing in UI

New cluster, using CouchbaseCluster Reference Architecture | Couchbase Docs with env specific adjustments.
Defining user, bucket, group and rolebinding, all successful and show up in k8s defined in the same namespace as the cluster.
But none of those show up in the couchbase UI!
The user/login defined in the cluster yaml is working to get in, on the service with load balancer, etc. so I know it’s the right couchbase (I only have one on this network), so why aren’t these things showing up?

Cluster is set up like that in the web page, with ‘managed: true’ set for security and buckets.
Can share the setup yamls, but the fact that the items are in k8s is what’s puzzling…

Does the user have access to them?

Yea, using the admin account to view the ui, so it has full access

From the webui, can you create a bucket with the same name?