Bucket not bootstrapped using couchbase operator and C#

Hi all,
we’re having some issues while accessing a bucket in couchbase deployed on a kubernetes cluster.

Calling the method collection.ExistsAsync(documentName).Result.Exists we receive the following error message:

System.InvalidOperationException: Bucket vessel-status is not bootstrapped
at Couchbase.CouchbaseBucket.SendAsync(IOperation op, CancellationToken token, Nullable `1 timeout)
at Couchbase.KeyValue.CouchbaseCollection.ExistsAsync(String id, ExistsOptions options)

We deployed couchbase server 6.5.0 using the operator (helm chart couchbase-operator-2.0.0).

Previously, we used a couchbase server using couchbase community 6.5.0 deployed as a docker container (external to the k3s cluster) and it worked well.

Hi @dvergari,

Does this only happy for Exists or for any operation?

(Also, are you using .Result instead of await for any particular reason? Probably not be related to the issue you’re seeing, but using .Result can cause problems in some circumstances)