Bechmark Memcached

Is there a way to benchmark Memcached Type buckets? I see cbworkloadgen tool is available but it’s not accepting memcached type buckets and it’s accepting only couchbase buckets.

Is the AutoFailover feature is applicable to Memcached Type buckets too?

You can use the pillowfight tool that comes with the cbc command line tools. (brew install libcouchbase) for example.

Auto failover will work with memcached buckets, but it is similar to regular rebalance with them: you are going to loose your cached data from that node and it will have to be repopulated. If you are looking for an in-memory alternative, please look at our ephemeral bucket type.

Actually, we are looking for an in-memory alternative without replication. Data loss shouldn’t be a big problem as this isn’t the source data.
What we wanted as part of in-memory store is that, whenever node goes down, SDK should automatically assign key spaces to existing nodes so that data for these key spaces should be set and served from existing nodes.