Bad documentation of GetResult

According to document GetResult has content, cas and expiry

  1. Why it has value too? and value is equal to content
  2. Why it has no expiry (The document has expiry itself, but the get result has no expiry field)

@socketman2016 thanks much, we will look into it

@AV25242 any update? I need to read the expiry of documents but it not works

Hey @socketman2016 ,

A new, much improved version of the documentation will be shipping with 3.2.0 and we will be shipping a beta of it sometime this week. The previous documentation does not make it entirely clear, but in order for the expiry field on GetResult to be populated, you must pass the “withExpiry” option to the get operation. Additionally, the “value” field is a deprecated accessor and was replaced with the “content” field shortly after the initial release of the 3.x series of SDK as the name did not originally match our internal specification in error.

Cheers, Brett