Backup failed due to rollback

Hi everyone,

I have deployed the Couchbase operator helm chart on Kubernetes.
The backup pods were running correctly, but the incremental pod started to fail due to a rollback error.
It seems related always to the same vBucket, but I don’t know how to solve this.
Here it is the error:

(Cmd) Error backing up cluster: failed to execute cluster operations: failed to execute bucket operation for bucket ‘<bucket_name>’: failed to transfer bucket data for bucket ‘<bucket_name>’: failed to transfer key value data: failed to transfer key value data: failed to open stream: failed to stream vBucket 56: client received rollback, either purge this backup or create a new backup repository. See the ROLLBACK section in the backup documentation for more information

NOTE: The full backup works fine. Only the incremental is getting this error.

Any solution?

What version of couchbase server do you have? If you have 7.1.0 or earlier, please upgrade to the latest. There is a fix in 7.1.1 for an issue that sounds like yours.

Thanks for the response.

I’m running Couchbase Server EE 7.0.3.
Today i got confirmation that there’s an application team performing some kind of test on the bucket and probably doing some rollback on the documents/bucket.
This could be the cause of the error, but an investigation is needed.

Pretty sure that MB-52011 is the cause of your issue.