Back up data to object store error

I’m doing some proof of concept research on back-ups combining the instructions in these two blog posts:

I have Couchbase Enterprise 7.0 installed on the server running my cluster and on my back up machine instance, yet I’m getting this error when the cbbackupmgr backup command runs:

Error backing up cluster: backup up data to object store is an Enterprise Edition feature

How do I resolve this?

  1. I would suggest double-checking the Couchbase Server edition – simplest way is to go to the UI Dashboard (http://<cluster_hostname_or_ip>:8091) – in the Dashboard banner (for the 7.0 GA release), it will say “Community Edition 7.0.0 build 5302” or “Enterprise Edition 7.0.0 build 5302”.

  2. Also check the cbbackupmgr – this is harder to do since the version string does not indicate CE or EE – you’ll have to go see where the executable is installed and check the LICENSE.txt – the first line in the file should say “Community Edition License Agreement” if the package is a Community Edition.

Also, if you are using the Enterprise Edition of Couchbase Server 7.0.0, you can use the Backup Service to backup to S3 object stores (instead of using the cbbackupmgr CLI). The Backup Service can be added as a Service to the cluster, and then be accessed from the Admin Console UI or using the Backup Service REST API’s.