AWS Lambda - Couchbase connection protocol

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In order to understand the behavior of a connection that should be stablished between an AWS lambda function in Java and the CouchbaseServer, would it be possible for you to explain or share the protocol behind this connection, and it’s description? Is that protocol statefull or stateless?

And also, for Java or spring experienced developers, would it be possible to know about what happens with the connection stablished before every cold start of the lambda function?

Thank you so much in advance.

Hey @Martin_Chavez!

It looks like a similar question was asked several years ago: Technical description of the current Couchbase protocol?

However, I’m not sure how up-to-date this information is. You can learn more about managing connections with the latest Java SDK on the docs site.

I’ll let someone else correct me if more up-to-date protocol information is available, but I hope this helps for the time being! Feel free to follow up if needed.


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Thank you so much @ejscribner I will be checking those references. I really appreciate your help.

@ejscribner I really appreciate your help with the following: according to the aws lambda function cold start and warm start behaviors, once the execution environment is stablished by AWS, the connection created by the Couchbase Java SDK will be persisted in that execution environment for the subsequent invocations; or, otherwise, it will be created again in the warm start phase (each time the lambda function is invoked)?

AWS lambda cold start and warm start reference: Operating Lambda: Performance optimization – Part 1 | AWS Compute Blog.

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