Automated alerts dont work on 4.6.?

We were using 4.5 in our dev and production environment and were told that automated alerts doesn’t work on 4.5 and the bug is fixed in 4.6 , and i happily upgraded from 4.5 to 4.6 in hope i will get alerts via email whenever a node goes down and many other, however even after upgrading i do not see that is happening and do not get any alerts.

Is this still a bug?


I am using 4.6, and am sure I have received email alerts. Are you certain that your smtp messages aren’t queuing up with the local MTA?


Yes you do but only when you test it, not in real time scenario when your node has failed over or other OOB scenario.

Interesting. We’re running 4.5.1 and encountered this exact scenario this weekend. No alerts on a node failover. I tried the test alert, worked perfectly.