Auto generated _sync:dcp_ck documents


As it was suggested, we updated sync gateway & couchbase server to the latest stable versions(1.5.1 & 5.0.0). Right now, when I look at the bucket, it includes lots of documents which is related with dcp.

For instance, in my dev bucket the following document was added somehow:

“seqStart”: 0,
“seqEnd”: 0,
“snapStart”: 0,
“snapEnd”: 1,
“failOverLog”: [

And secondly, id of these documents are incremental but for some numbers there is no document generated. _sync:dcp_ck:644 exists but not _sync:dcp_ck:645

Is it a normal behavior or any error occured behind the scene? Actually I don’t want to fill my bucket with that kind of stuff, if possible.


Hey @glenn,

Yes, those are “dcp checkpoint” documents and are expected behavior. Here is the code that is associated with those documents, in case you want to dig in any further:

Since there are typically only 1024 vbuckets, there will be a fixed number of 1024 dcp checkpoint documents.

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We faced this very recently. We have not updated anything. In one day, those 1024 documents have appeared. We understand this is expected behavior but why it suddenly happened ?